Why is using RNS making me a better investor?

Published Thu, 05 Jan 2012 21:39 CET by DividendYields.org

What is RNS?
RNS stands for Regulatory News Service. It's a news service owned by the London Stock Exchange® that communicates regulatory and financial information published by companies and organisations with the active or professional investor.

Why do I need RNS?
As an active investor in stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange, or as a US investor dealing with UK stocks on the NYSE, it's vital that you know of any important news that is related to the companies you have invested your money in. Dividend announcements, buybacks of shares, issuances of new shares, (half) yearly reports, etc. are all things that might have a big influence on your investment portfolio. You don't want to find out your stocks took a dive because you missed yesterdays news, do you?

Where do I get RNS?
There are various ways to get the news. One option is to go to the website of the London Stock Exchange, click on the tab marked 'News and finance' and choose RNS. There's an extensive search form where you can select company, type of news (e.g. dividend declaration), index, sector, period, etc. This is a good option if you're looking for information where the factor time is not important. For example, you're interested in past dividend announcements of Royal Dutch Shell, or news about past changes of directorate of BP.
The disadvantage of using the website like this, is that you have to actively go look for the news yourself. It's publicly made available to you, but it doesn't reach you all by itself. If you're an active investor with a day job, that's not really handy. Your boss probably won't like it when you spend your day checking for news that might be interesting to you.

A much more elegant and easier option is called Yoizer. Yoizer is a regulatory news alert service that notifies you of news that you want and need. You download the Telegram app (if you're not using it already), connect to the Yoizer bot and start alerts for the companies you have invested in, or companies you just want to follow more closely. Now you just sit back, do your business as usual and when there is news from the companies you're following, you're immediately notified. It is that simple. You will never miss any important news fact. You will not lose any money because you were not aware of a situation that impacted the stock prices.
Yoizer is a free regulatory news alert service!

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RNS® is a registered trademark of the London Stock Exchange®.