Articles About Dividend Investing

High-Yield Dividend Opportunities in the Oil Sector

The economic slowdowns in Europe and China, coupled with the possible exit of Greece from the Eurozone, have caused a broad-based panic in the markets. In response to the new political and economic volatility, oil prices have plummeted nearly 14% from the beginning of May (see chart below). In tandem, market prices of most oil producers have dived this month. Some are concerned that extended market gyrations will have a continued adverse effect on oil prices and an imminent impact on financial and market performance of oil companies. However, a likely scenario is that, once the momentary market... Read more

Disney Soars On Avenger Movie Records

The Walt Disney Co.'s “The Avengers” grossed $1 billion within the first 20 days it premiered worldwide, further notching the company's place as a leader in the motion picture industry. The news came on the heels of the company announcing that its second quarter earnings were up 21%. Considering Disney (NYSE: DIS) is a dividend paying company, these news events are further reasons that the company is worthy of investment. Furthermore, an expected decrease in capital expenditures should further free up cash for the media giant and allow it to pass along increased dividends to shareholders. Disney pays a dividend of $.60, yielding 1.3%. In January, Disney began paying a dividend that was nearly double what it paid in 2009, which was $.35. In December... Read more

2 Semiconductor Stocks on Track to Double Dividend Payouts in 5 Years

Many analysts and fund managers have been bullish about the semiconductor industry for a long time. While this industry has been viewed primarily as a growth sector, in recent years several industry players have emerged as appealing income plays for yield-seeking dividend investors. Two dividend-paying companies in the sector currently stand out, namely Intel Corporation (Nasdaq: INTC), a renowned chip maker, and Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT), the global maker of semiconductor equipment. In cumulative terms, these two semiconductor companies have boosted their dividends by 260% and 600%, respectively, and have seen the dividend yields on their stocks surge since 2005 (see the charts below). What's more, at the pace of dividend increases... Read more

Italian oil company Eni increases dividend

Italian oil company Eni (NYSE: E) (MIB: ENI) reported 9,5% less profit over Q4 2011. The profit loss can be explained by the crisis in Libya, lower gas prices and lower margins in the Refining & Marketing devision. Full-year adjusted operating profit was EUR 17.97 billion, an increase of 4% from 2010 driven by the Exploration & Production division. The Board of Directors intends to submit a proposal for distributing a cash dividend of EUR 1.04 per share (EUR 1.00 in 2010) at the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. Included in this annual payment is EUR 0.52 per share which was paid as interim dividend in September 2011. The balance of EUR 0.52 per share is payable to shareholders on May 24, 2012, the ex-dividend date being May 21, 2012. ... Read more

4 Dividend Stocks That Give You a Clean Taste

Introduction Since I like to take good care of my teeth, I use mouthwash after brushing. While gargling, I was annoyed that every time I screwed the cap back on the bottle of Listerine® (I drink from the cap, yes), a little bit of mouthwash dripped from the cap on the bottle and the shelf, making it all very sticky. The previous bottle of mouthwash I used was Elmex Sensitive. For some of you an unknown brand maybe, but they really did something very clever: they made a little drinking tube inside the cap! Lo and behold, no more mouthwash dripping out, no more sticky bottles! What does this have to do with dividend investing? Well... nothing really. But it gave me the idea to take a look at the companies behind all those bottles of mouthwash and see how... Read more

The Most Promising Diamond Dividends

Introduction According to Bloomberg, the next 4 years diamond prices will rise because of increasing demand of luxury goods in countries like China, India and the Middle East. In 2012, average prices for uncut diamonds might climb 9 percent, according to an analyst at BMO Capital Markets. Demand for diamonds may grow at twice the pace of supply through 2020, because of an expanding middle class in China and India. Diamond prices have not been inflated by artificial demand to the same degree as gold prices. Historical Diamond Trade Price Trend Evolution Graph ... Read more

Why is using RNS making me a better investor?

What is RNS? RNS stands for Regulatory News Service. It's a news service owned by the London Stock Exchange® that communicates regulatory and financial information published by companies and organisations with the active or professional investor. Why do I need RNS? As an active investor in stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange, or as a US investor dealing with UK stocks on the NYSE, it's vital that you know of any important news that is related to the companies you have invested your money in. Dividend announcements, buybacks of shares, issuances of new shares, (half) yearly reports, etc. are all things that might have a big influence on your investment portfolio. You don't want to find out your stocks took a dive... Read more

Steel Authority of India might be a steal

Starting January 15, 2012, foreign private investors are welcome to invest in India's stock market. This comes at a moment where the SENSEX lost about 25% of it's value in the last 12 months. The government is trying to make the country more appealing to foreign investors to stabilise the market. Up until now, the only way for foreigners to invest in India is by purchasing index or mutual funds. Even in a bad economy, dividend investing is a good strategy for a steady return. That steady return is only achieved when the dividend is sustainable. An important measure of dividend sustainability is the payout ratio. A payout ratio of more than 80% might be an indication that the current dividend payout can't be sustained. At the moment, the top 5 dividend... Read more

Gimme Some Sugar: How to Invest in Sugar?

Introduction Sugar is, together with cotton and coffee, one of the oldest commodities traded on the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE). More than 23 million sugar futures have been traded in 2011. The most important sugar-producing countries are Brazil, India, China and Thailand. Brazil is the largest exporter of sugar. World wide, demand for sugar is still rising, especially in developing countries where prosperity is increasing. The last two years, sugar production was lower than sugar consumption. The increase in consumption is also fueled by the increasing demand for biofuels, which are based on the byproduct of sugar refining, molasses. S&P GSCI Sugar Index ... Read more

Esperite - Investing in stem cell storage

Japanese researchers of Tokyo's Keio University have succeeded in restoring partial mobility in a small monkey that had been paralysed from the neck down by a spinal injury ( The injection of iPS cells was given on the ninth day after the injury and the monkey started to move its limbs again within two to three weeks. After six weeks, the monkey was jumping around and close to the normal level. In adult organisms, stem cells and progenitor cells act as a repair system for the body, replenishing specialized cells, but also maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs, such as blood, skin, or... Read more