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Compare the dividend stocks in the United States by dividend yield, payout ratio, P/E, earnings per share (EPS) and dividend per share (DPS).

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Stock name Dividend Yield
Frontier Communications 1.140 20.94
Cornerstone Total Return Fund 20.69
Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust -0.150 17.66
Arlington Asset Investment 0.870 17.32
Capitala Finance 17.16
Sandridge Permian Trust -0.260 17.00
Westmoreland Resource Partners Lp 0.250 16.86
Orchid Island Capital 0.740 16.11
Eca Marcellus Trust I 0.660 16.00
Navios Maritime Acquisition 0.690 16.00
Stonemor Partners L.p. 0.860 15.97
Sandridge Mississippian Trust Ii 1.370 15.04
Oxford Lane Capital 14.99
Sandridge Mississippian Trust I 0.710 14.72
Black Box 3.520 14.33
Triangle Capital 14.27
Wheeler Reit 0.620 14.15
Csi Compressco Lp 0.120 14.05
Ngl Energy Partners Lp 2.430 13.74
Kohlberg Capital 0.380 13.71
Bp Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust 0.740 13.48
Suburban Propane Partners 0.220 13.48
Medley Management 0.690 13.44
Suncoke Energy Partners Lp 1.040 13.39
Garrison Capital 13.13
Alcentra Capital 13.09
National Cinemedia 1.950 12.81
Marine Petroleum Trust -0.290 12.76
New York Mortgage Trust 0.580 12.76
Dynagas Lng Partners Lp 0.750 12.69
Stein Mart 1.110 12.50
Usa Compression Partners Lp 0.540 12.47
Cbl & Associates Properties 0.940 12.38
Alon Usa Partners Lp 1.320 12.19
Oxbridge Re Holdings 1.730 12.15
Nustar Energy 0.960 12.14
American Midstream Partners Lp 0.760 12.13
Energy Transfer Partners 0.660 12.12
Voc Energy Trust 1.720 12.09
Ticc Capital 0.550 11.98
Martin Midstream Partners 0.850 11.98
North European Oil Royalty Trust 0.320 11.94
Genesis Energy Lp 0.510 11.88
Thl Credit 11.82
New Residential Investment 0.700 11.68
Western Asset Mortgage Capital 0.750 11.68
Mind C.t.i. -0.110 11.64
New Senior Investment Group 0.570 11.63
Eagle Point Credit 11.59
Wp Glimcher 1.550 11.56

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