Top Dividend Stock In Dow Dividend Stocks in the United States

Top Dividend Stock In Dow

Compare the dividend stocks in the United States by dividend yield, payout ratio, P/E, earnings per share (EPS) and dividend per share (DPS).

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Stock name Dividend Yield
Cenovus Energy 0.790 1.58
Brunswick 1.370 1.58
Hess 0.970 1.58
Microchip Tech 1.630 1.58
Preformed Line Products 0.770 1.57
Raven Industries 1.050 1.57
First United 0.760 1.57
Fidelity Southern 0.600 1.57
Regal-beloit 0.980 1.57
Azz 1.270 1.57
Griffon 0.960 1.56
Ypf 1.110 1.56
Marathon Oil 1.260 1.56
Service Corp International 0.670 1.55
Broadridge Financial Solutions 1.070 1.55
Servotronics 0.750 1.54
American Financial Group 0.710 1.54
Accenture 1.400 1.54
Abbott Laboratories 1.340 1.54
Newmarket 0.940 1.53
Wintrust Financial 1.040 1.52
Leidos Holdings 1.000 1.52
Scholastic 0.680 1.52
Nic 0.480 1.52
Carpenter Technology 1.440 1.52
Mine Safety Appliances 0.840 1.52
Sealed Air 1.030 1.51
Fedex 1.380 1.51
First Financial Bankshares 0.590 1.49
Northrop Grumman 0.580 1.49
Nacco Industries 0.330 1.49
California Water Service Group 0.340 1.49
Hurco 0.840 1.48
Cpfl Energia S.a. 0.600 1.48
Enterprise Financial Services 0.560 1.47
Silgan 0.710 1.47
Newmont Mining 0.440 1.47
Devon Energy 1.170 1.47
Sunstone Hotel Investors 0.650 1.46
Cme Group 1.110 1.46
Yum! Brands 0.960 1.46
Marriott International 1.010 1.46
Mccormick 0.980 1.46
Citrix Systems 0.850 1.46
Ashland 0.710 1.45
Gildan Activewear 0.380 1.44
Eog Resources 0.770 1.44
Pzena Investment Management 1.270 1.43
Mueller Industries 0.570 1.43
Astec Industries 0.920 1.42

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