Top 20 Reits In Usa Dividend Stocks in the United States

Top 20 Reits In Usa

Compare the dividend stocks in the United States by dividend yield, payout ratio, P/E, earnings per share (EPS) and dividend per share (DPS).

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Stock name Dividend Yield
Total 0.600 4.33
Simon Property Group 0.530 4.31
Shaw Communications 0.320 4.30
Aes 0.250 4.29
Pacwest Bancorp 2.280 4.29
Aegon 0.650 4.29
Six Flags Entertainment 0.650 4.27
Summit Hotel Properties 0.630 4.26
Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund 4.26
Globe Specialty Metals 1.240 4.26
Spectra Energy 1.390 4.26
Dsw 2.750 4.25
Education Realty Trust 0.100 4.25
Ppl -0.200 4.22
Cal-maine Foods 0.440 4.17
Piedmont Office Realty Trust 0.430 4.16
Tenaris 4.16
Tsakos Energy Navigation 1.120 4.16
Wpp 0.350 4.15
Western Refining 1.140 4.15
Host Hotels & Resorts 1.180 4.14
General Electric 0.760 4.14
Target 0.890 4.12
Cubesmart -0.270 4.11
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust 1.000 4.11
Entergy 4.11
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory -0.130 4.10
Ibm 0.560 4.09
General Growth Properties 1.180 4.08
Healthcare Trust Of America 0.160 4.08
Hsbc 1.280 4.07
Village Super Market 1.210 4.07
American Railcar Industries 1.830 4.07
Oritani Financial 1.100 4.07
Ennis 1.120 4.07
Duke Energy -0.120 4.07
Altria Group 0.710 4.07
Extended Stay America 4.06
Safety Insurance Group 0.550 4.06
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 1.830 4.05
Schweitzer-mauduit International 1.020 4.05
Bhp Billiton Ltd 1.210 4.05
Citizens & Northern 1.010 4.04
Salem Communications 1.240 4.03
Kentucky First Federal Bancorp 0.340 4.02
Agree Realty 0.220 4.02
Csp 0.420 4.01
Ark Restaurants 0.870 4.01
Williams 1.100 4.01
Eni 0.340 4.01

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