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Compare the dividend stocks in the Dogs of the Dow index by dividend yield, payout ratio, Price/Earnings, earnings per share (EPS), dividend per share (DPS).

The Dogs of the Dow, also called High Yield 10, is an investment strategy popularized in 1991 by Michael O'Higgins. It proposes that an investor annually selects the 10 Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks whose dividend is the highest fraction of their price.

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Last updated: 2019/10/15 00:33:07 CET
Stock name Dividend yield
Exxon Mobil 4.83
Ibm 4.47
Verizon Comm 4.04
Chevron 3.91
Pfizer 3.85
Coca-cola 2.94
Cisco Systems 2.85
Merck & Co 2.69
Procter & Gamble 2.49
General Electric 0.44

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