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Boost Your Royal Dutch Shell Dividend Yield Using Covered Calls

Introduction Covered call writing is an appealing approach to generate monthly income. Many link regular income streams to dividends. Although you might prefer the highest dividend yields you can find, these mouthwatering returns aren't necessarily the ones that provide durable income. Investors looking for that typically sought-after monthly income should definitely watch the option market, as annualized returns of writing call options can beat your dividend yield with ease while... Read more

Absolute Declares Quarterly Dividend

Absolute (TSX: ABT), the endpoint visibility and control company, today announced that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend of CAD$0.08 per share on its common shares, payable in cash on February 27, 2019 to shareholders of record at the close of business on February 6, 2019.... Read more

Genuine Parts Company: Buy This Dividend King While It's On Sale

Source: GPC investor presentation Sideways trading creates the opportunity Genuine Parts Co.(GPC) is a stock that I’ve been fairly down on in the past couple of years. The company’s dividend history is one of the best in the entire market, so in my view investors cut it more slack with operating results than they otherwise would. That has led to what I viewed as overvaluations in the past, but today GPC looks well-positioned to take advantage of continuously-improving... Read more

AT&T Is Offering An Almost 10-Year High Dividend Yield At A 10-Year Low P/E Ratio

AT&T (T) has dramatically underperformed the market in the last two years. During this period, the stock has lost 26%, whereas the S&P has advanced 16%. Consequently, while the S&P is just 9% off its all-time high, AT&T is hovering around its eight-year lows and is thus offering an almost 10-year high dividend yield of 6.6%. As the stock is also trading at a 10-year low P/E ratio, the big question is whether it has become a great bargain. The reasons behind the... Read more

Despite The Market Rally These Dividend Stocks Are Strong Buys

(Source: Imgflip) Note that due to reader requests, I've decided to break up my weekly portfolio updates into three parts: commentary, economic update, and the new "best stocks to buy right now" series. This is to avoid excessively long articles and maximize the utility to my readers. This week's commentary explains why the $1 trillion Chinese trade offer is a potential game changer for the US economy and stock market. Due to family obligations surrounding the MLK... Read more

Dividend Increases: January 14-18, 2019

Monitoring dividend increases for stocks on my watch list helps me identify candidates for further analysis. Companies that regularly increase their dividends show confidence in future earnings growth potential. I look for dividend increase announcements for stocks in the CCC List, but I use several screens to limit the number of stocks to monitor: Dividend Yield ≥ 1.0% Market cap ≥ $1 billion No stocks that are being acquired No Over-The-Counter or Pink Sheet stocks In the last... Read more

Despite Its 11.2%-Yielding Dividend, Suburban Propane Is A Hold

Investment Thesis Suburban Propane Partners (NYSE: SPH) delivered a much improved fiscal 2018, thanks to a return of normal weather pattern in 2018. We like the distribution cut it made back in 2017 to make its distribution sustainable. However, it may still take years for the company to bring its elevated debt level down to a more acceptable level. The company is also facing long-term structural headwinds of declining propane usage. With its elevated debt, we think it will be difficult for... Read more

PG Stock Earnings: Will Procter & Gamble Co Raise Its Dividend in 2019?

What Dividend Investors Can Expect From PG Stock in 2019 If you’ve been following this column, you’d know that I’m a big fan of established dividend-paying stocks in defensive industries. While these companies look “boring” compared to the high-flying tech stocks, they can be much more resilient when market sentiment turns bearish. And Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE: PG) stock just proved that point again. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Procter &... Read more

How Long Until AT&T Pays Me $100,000 Per Year In Dividends?

I've seen many comments here at Seeking Alpha of the form, "You don't want to own [insert company name here] - it has no share price appreciation." Is no share price appreciation always a bad thing? Let's run an experiment and see what happens. If you own shares in a tax-sheltered account, you pay no current taxes on dividends. Many dividend investors own shares in tax-sheltered accounts. This article will ignore the effect of taxes. I'm not advocating... Read more

Cisco: What's The Next Dividend Going To Be Like?

While technology stocks in general are not known for their dividends and rather keen on re-investing the cash back into the company, there are a few tech stocks out there that pay decent dividends. Apart from Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) with its 6-year dividend history and a current yield of 1.9% and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) currently yielding 1.7% and on a 15-year run of consecutive dividend increases, Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) still yielding almost 3% is one of the top dividend stocks in the... Read more

Lowe's: Never Stop Improving Your Portfolio With This Dividend King

Image Source: Lowe's Media Resources For those that are familiar with the current tagline of Lowe's to "never stop improving," I believe that this can also be applied to one's portfolio. As a dividend growth investor, my intent is for my dividends to eventually cover most of my expenses. As such, I am looking for companies that pay dividends, with strong fundamentals, and a runway for growth to fuel dividend raises going forward. I believe that Lowe's is a... Read more

Canadian Dividend All-Stars Set To Announce Dividend Increases The Week Of January 21

It’s not a busy week as there is only one Canadian Dividend All-Star scheduled to announce earnings next week. The good news, is that this lone wolf is expected to raise its dividend. Before we jump into that, let’s take a look at another disappointing week. Of note, all figures are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted. LAST WEEK – RESULTS It has been a rough start to the year. Two weeks ago, Canadian Utilities and Atco disappointed with lower than expected... Read more

Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund: Could Weak Bond Covenants Worsen The Next Debt Crisis?

The Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund (DHY) is up 11.27% from its 52-week low on Dec. 24, 2018. However, it is still down 14.02% since October 2018, when the turmoil in financial markets began. The tightening of monetary policy conditions by the Federal Reserve and fears of a potential recession have led to capital depreciation in risky asset classes such as the high yield corporate bond sector, resulting in higher yields. While the level of yield is one measure of the risk profile, the... Read more

Treasury Snapshot: 10-Year Yield At 2.79%

Note: We've updated this commentary with data through the January 18th market close. The yield on the 10-year note ended January 18, 2019, at 2.79% and the 30-year bond closed at 3.09%. Here is a table showing the yield's highs and lows and the FFR since 2007 as of the January 18 close. The chart below shows the daily performance of several Treasuries and the Fed Funds Rate (FFR) since the pre-recession days of equity market peaks in 2007. A Long-Term Look... Read more

Investors Dove Into High-Yield Bond Funds The Past Week

With the markets off to a solid start in 2019, investors are starting to dip back into the high-yield waters. In fact, they dove in with $3.28 billion in flows the past week. This latest influx of capital follows $1.05 billion the previous week - signs that a risk-on sentiment is slowly creeping back into the markets, making the case for high-yield bond ETFs. "There's a decent bid for things that got beat up the most over the last month or two," said Zachary Chavis,... Read more

Preferred Series Part II, Callon Petroleum: Rare 10% Yield From A Strong Company

In Part I of the series, I briefly explained my experience trading illiquid securities at multiple hedge funds before outlining the three key aspects to evaluating preferred stocks: Is the company able to fund its preferred distributions from cash flow and with what degree of error? Is the underlying business durable enough to fund the preferred distributions over our investment time horizon? Is there potential for our position in the capital stock to be undermined or shifted to a less... Read more

High Yield Spreads: When Crashing Is A Good Thing

After screaming higher towards the end of 2018 right up through the first couple of days of 2019, high yield spreads have come crashing back down to earth in the last two weeks, falling from a high of 544 basis points (bps) on 1/3 to 440 bps through Thursday. At their highs two weeks ago, spreads were the widest they have been since the summer of 2016 and the highest while moving higher since the middle of 2015 when oil prices were crashing. In the lower chart, we show the 10-day rate of... Read more

Summit Hotel: Is Now A Good Time To Buy This 6.9%-Yielding REIT?

Investment Thesis Summit Hotel Properties (INN) is a geographically diversified lodging REIT in the United States. The REIT is in the midst of transforming its portfolio to improve its growth outlook. It also has a solid balance sheet. However, the performance of Summit Hotel is highly dependent on the strength of the economy. Despite its significant valuation discount, we think the best time to invest in this REIT is to wait till initial stage of the next economic cycle given the fact that... Read more

AvalonBay Communities Announces 2018 Dividend Income Tax Treatment

AvalonBay Communities, Inc. (the “Company”) (NYSE: AVB) announced today the final income allocations of the Company’s 2018 dividend distributions on its Common Stock. The final income allocations as they will be reported on Form 1099-DIV are set forth in the following table:... Read more

REIT Dividend Spotlight: Digital Realty Trust

Image shown: Digital Realty’s top 20 customers by annualized base rent. Source: Digital Realty investor presentation. 2019 Guidance Update Shares of datacenter REIT Digital Realty Trust (DLR) faced selling pressure following the release of its 2019 guidance January 9. The update revealed expectations for a high-single-digit decline in rental rates on renewal leases on a cash basis and core funds from operations (FFO) guidance of $6.60-$6.70, the latter of which came in below the... Read more