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Compare the dividend stocks in the NYSE index by dividend yield, payout ratio, Price/Earnings, earnings per share (EPS), dividend per share (DPS).

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization and is operated by NYSE Euronext. NYSE Euronext has more than 8000 listed issues.

Beware of stocks with an extremely high dividend yield! This can be caused by a stock price that is extremely low, compared to the trailing twelve months (ttm) dividend. Or it can be caused by a special, one-time only super dividend.

Last updated: 2019/5/21 00:37:43 CET
Stock name Dividend yield
Pennymac Mortgage Inv Trust 8.90
Navios Maritime Partners 8.89
Xinyuan Real Estate 8.88
Artisan Partners Asset Management 8.84
Whitestone Reit 8.84
Mfs Multimarket Income Trust 8.83
Ares Commercial Real Estate 8.82
Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund 8.81
Pimco Corporate Opportunity Fund 8.76
Enersis Americas 8.76
Saratoga Investment 8.72
Nustar Energy 8.68
Targa Resources 8.63
Compass Diversified 8.63
Blue Capital Reinsurance Holdings 8.57
B&g Foods 8.54
Starwood Property Trust 8.47
Mplx Lp 8.38
Ah Belo 8.38
Ladder Capital 8.37
Braskem 8.36
Fibria Celulose 8.25
Arbor Realty Trust 8.24
New Senior Investment Group 8.09
Western Gas Partners 7.98
Corecivic 7.97
Westlake Chemical Partners Lp 7.94
Superior Industries 7.81
Kite Realty Group Trust 7.80
City Office Reit 7.78
Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund 7.75
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers 7.69
Iron Mountain 7.62
Bladex 7.55
Westpac Banking 7.53
Corenergy Infrastructure Trust 7.52
Gannett 7.49
Cvr Partners 7.43
Senior Housing Properties 7.43
Redwood Trust 7.42
Massmutual Corp Inv 7.41
Signet Jewelers 7.40
Lloyds Banking Group 7.34
Buckeye Partners Lp 7.32
Macerich 7.19
Energy Transfer Equity 7.17
Ing Groep 7.08
Tc Pipelines Lp 7.07
Omega Healthcare Investors 7.05
Cedar Fair Lp 7.04

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